What we offer

We welcome all athletes of all levels. We offer strength programs for all areas of athletic focus including Youth, High School and Olympic Weightlifting. 

Baystate Barbell Features

-4 Custom Weightlifting Platforms

-3 Men's Competition Barbells

-3 Women's Competition Barbells

-4 sets of Werksan and Pendlay Bumper Plates

-3 Squat Stands

- 2 set of Jerks Blocks and 4 sets of Lifting Blocks

Gym Hours


Monday - Friday  |  3:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday's  |  10am - 1pm

Open on most Holiday's!

Membership Pricing

Drop in: $10 / Day

1-2 training sessions per week: $75 per month

Unlimited 'open gym' membership: $125 per month

Personal coaching session: Starting at $75 per session